About MAD*

The MAD* Factory was founded in 1990 with the help of seed money from interested community people who were concerned about the number of children in Oberlin not engaged in meaningful summer activities.

Oberlin has per capita more people below the poverty level than any community in Lorain County. The first summer MAD* offered a theater and related arts curriculum and attracted 90 children, ages 6-18. The students scripted their own show drawing on experiences written in journals they kept throughout the four-week session.

Although conceived as a summer program, enthusiasm for continued programming has led to the creation of classes offered throughout the year. MAD* seeks to use the arts to create a different perspective on learning for students who have had difficulty in traditional classroom settings. Care is taken to provide ethnic and gender role models.

Now a county-wide organization, MAD* has served more than thousands of children which come from every city in the county!  counties.

Cultural Diversity

The MAD* Factory’s focus on cultural diversity ensures young people the opportunity for personal and artistic development while promoting self-esteem and respect for others. The organization’s staff of exceptional artists and teachers offers an array of classes, projects and performances from various cultures.